FlyWing Information, Q&A

Why the FlyWing and not a winter jacket?

Safety first in the car! Every year in Germany, according to ADAC, babies and children die in car accidents at speeds of just 16 km/h.

The reason: Parents put their babies and children in the car with a winter jacket and buckle them up. The winter jacket creates space for the body, which can negatively affect the optimal fit of the seat belt. This creates belt slack[5], which leads to increased delays and injuries in the event of an accident.

Crash test: winter clothing with a belt

Don't drive a car with a thick jacket

What is the FlyWing intended for?

The FlyWing is designed to make your everyday life easier! “Getting out of the house for a moment” no longer causes stress, you grab your Mini(s) as they are - FlyWing over it and you're done. No need to put on/take off in the car, the FlyWing can be worn all the time. If it gets too warm in the car, the FlyWing can be easily removed in just a few seconds.

Why is the FlyWing much more comfortable for children than a jacket?

Very few children think winter jackets are great! Why?

Anyone who has ever “stuffed” small children into a winter jacket will know what I’m talking about. You can save yourself and your child this stress by simply leaving your normal clothes on and pulling the FlyWing over your head. Complete!

No more screaming babies and children in a bad mood because they have to wear thick winter jackets in everyday life. The older ones even think it's great because they can have a say in the color of the scarves/shawls.

Where does the wool for the FlyWings come from?

The wool comes from our adopted sheep. DThe herd lives at the foot of the Swabian Alb in spring and summer (from April/May) and in a protected stable with free range in winter. As soon as the new lambs are old enough, they are returned to pasture. The sheep are sheared in June. The raw wool is then washed, spun and then woven/fulled.

3 kg of raw wool becomes 1.8 kg after washing and 1.5 kg after spinning. This then creates approximately 3.5 m² of woven wool, also known as wool fleece.

Yes, we have lots of sheep!

What are the advantages of a FlyWing/wool poncho made from 100% organic virgin wool?

Wool regulates temperature, which means your baby won't sweat or freeze in it. This property of wool is perfect for newborns because they cannot yet regulate their own body temperature. Wool is windproof, dirt- and water-repellent. Your perfect companion for everyday life, whether in autumn weather or the evening summer and spring wind.

What temperatures is the FlyWing suitable/intended for?

Our FlyWing can be used 365 days.

In autumn, spring, on summer evenings, on holiday by the sea or in the mountains. Simply pull it over when it gets cooler or is windy.

Wool fleece keeps you warm even at temperatures below 0 °C. In the winter we wear a wool jacket underneath. Of course, the FlyWing does not replace a winter jacket for the snow or for longer walks!

Why are the FlyWing different sizes?

Our FlyWing is not just intended for the car, but as an everyday companion. You can always wear it and don't have to switch between jacket and poncho in everyday life. The question “What should I wear to my child?” This makes it unnecessary in many situations.

The sizes are standardized (EU) and differ in length, shoulder width and the diameter of the neckline.

Size Chart

Where is the FlyWing produced?

“Im Ländle” - we produce in Baden-Württemberg on the edge of the Swabian Alb. I still sew most of the FlyWings and accessories myself. However, we also employ master tailors who we pay fairly.

What do I need the shawls and scarves for?

The cloths and scarves serve as drool and spit protection. They also visually enhance the FlyWing. Both products are attached to the FlyWing with snap fasteners and can be replaced in no time without having to clean the FlyWing. After all, we all have enough laundry to do.

Fun fact: The scarves also fit moms and can be used without the FlyWing, as we have provided another snap fastener especially for this purpose.


[5] belt slack