Delivery around the world

Delivery: Around the world

I'm happy to announce, that we are able to deliver world wide.

Delivery: European Union

If you live within the EU, you can order directly in our Onlineshop. The delivery to your destination will be done by DHL and is organisied by us.

Delivery: Switzerland

We recommend the shipping service provider

MeinEinkauf GmbH (GER) will deliver your goods, cleared through customs and tax, directly to your destination in Switzerland by MeinEinkauf AG (Switzerland). You do not pay any import taxes or presenation taxes.

The service fee at MeinEinkauf (price list as of February 2024) starts at CHF 17.90, which includes customs clearance and shipping to your destination in Switzerland.

Delivery: Worldwide

Register for free at and receive your personal delivery address within Germany. You can now order from our Onlineshop with your new mailbox address within Germany.

Important: When ordering, enter your mailbox address as the destination address. Please enter your private address as your billing address. The payment is made normally via the payment system you have selected.

After completing the order, the goods are sent to GmbH, where the customs and shipping documents are created and the goods are prepared for international shipping. International shipping including customs fees is billed by GmbH.

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