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Handmade with love in Reutlingen

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According to the current standard DIN EN 13209-2:2016-07, "Child use and care articles - Baby carriers - Safety and test methods".

Recommended by: midwives, sports doctors, gynecologists, osteopaths, physiotherapists and pediatricians.

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Live Saver! Please watch the following video from ADAC: Crash test: winter clothing with belts

Wool fleece made from 100% regional virgin wool.

Dirt and water repellent, self-cleaning and windproof.

We make handmade because we love it.

We dedicate our work to the little ones. We select our fabrics with a lot of heart, time and a lot of leisure, paying attention to simple designs and high-quality materials.

Because such a small baby doesn't need much but just the right thing...